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Egg of the Snowbird - Birthday Edition

Egg of the Snowbird - Birthday Edition


The Egg of the Snowbird is Kogga's best known piece.


In a celebration of the 35 year long history of the Gallery we introduce an advanced Egg of the Snowbird where each piece carries a unique colour which shines from the inside energy of the Egg.


Fantasy says that:

The Snowbird inhabits our world of dreams

where freedom reigns

and the pristine beauty of nature

is undefiled.


Through the passing of time

the Snowbird has fluttered

over the blue horizons of Iceland

alongside other spirits of the land.

Its Eggs like ice.


The Snowbird now inhabits the rainbow

and has merged with its spectrum.

When it rains the colourful Eggs of the Snowbird

can be found scattered in the wide wilderness.


The Egg of the Snowbird is a symbol

of the artist’s wish

that your dreams may come true.


The Egg comes in beautiful packaging with a story about the fantasy Snowbird inside, in four languages.


All you have to do is choose your favourite

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